Hands-on Cooking Classes Singapore

Authentic Cooking Experiences with a good dose of fun!

Singapore, with its diversified culture, is home to various races and ethnic groups.

But one thing that can connect us all is our unique local cuisine, a delicious fusion of cultures.

Whether you are a curious local or a tourist seeking deeper cultural connection through food, or a company looking for an engaging hands-on, meaningful team-building activity for your staff, our culinary classes are perfect for you!

Join our Cooking Classes for a Real Taste of Singapore

Market-to-Table Culinary Experience

*Cooking Class + Local Market Visit

3-4 hours // S$129 per person

Engage with the food playground of Singapore with this Market-to-Table culinary experience!

Visit one of Singapore’s bustling wet marketplaces and learn how to bargain and buy ingredients as the locals do. It’s definitely a different type of grocery shopping experience compared to your usual supermarkets.

You will then learn how to whip up delicious dishes with the ingredients you’ve just hand-picked.

Learn how to cook crowd-favourite Singapore dishes such as Hokkien Mee, Chicken Rice, Curry Fish Head, and Kueh Dadar. Or top up a little more to learn how to cook our famous Chilli Crab & more!


Flavours of Singapore Cooking Class

2 hours // S$99 per person

Flavours and Food served up with Fun: That’s what you’ll get in our cooking classes!

Cultivate some cookery magic with lessons on local favourites such as Laksa, Curry Chicken and Hainanese Chicken Rice. You can even top up a little to learn how to cook our famous Chilli Crab and more!

Don’t forget delectable desserts such as Ondeh-ondeh and Kueh Dadar too!

This hands-on cooking class is also great for companies looking for a fun and interactive team building activity for your staff.


Discover Hainan

*Cooking Class + Walking Tour

3 hours // S$129 per person

Interested in Hainanese culture? Perhaps you are Hainanese but did not have anyone to teach you about Hainanese food.

Create deeper cultural connections with our Discover Hainan cooking tour!

More than a cooking class, this experience also includes a short walking tour that touches on Hainanese culture and history, including how the early Hainanese came to Singapore and the lives that they led.

Not forgetting the important Hainanese contribution to the food culture in Singapore!

Under the expert guidance of our chef, you can learn how to cook your own scrumptious Hainanese dishes!


Discover Hokkien

*Cooking Class + Walking Tour

3 hours // S$129 per person

Let our professional chef and guide take you on a cultural cooking class to learn more about Singapore’s local Hokkien culture and cuisine.

A combination of a cooking class with a mini walking tour, you will learn about the aspirations, adversity and achievements of the Hokkien community.

This experience aims to bring back the nostalgic essence of Hokkien cuisine. Some of these dishes became familiar flavours, while some are forgotten over time.

Come and explore these tastes together!


Discover Thailand

*Cooking Class + Walking Tour

3 hours // S$129 per person

Want to try new experiences and learn more about Thai culture while you are in Singapore?

Get together with your travel buddies and recreate your favourite Thai dishes!

Besides learning how to cook some well-loved Thai dishes, you also get the opportunity to visit a Thai supermarket where our guide will explain more about authentic Thai ingredients and how to use them.


Why Choose Us for Your Cooking Classes in Singapore

local market visit

Immersive Culinary Tours

More than just learning simple recipes, we spice up our cooking classes with engaging marketing trips to the local markets with valuable insights into Singapore’s food culture and history.

patient chefs to guide you in our cooking class

Taught by Experienced Local Chefs

Our culinary classes feature expert chefs who are warm, friendly and equipped with many years of experience teaching locals and foreigners how to cook Singaporean cuisine and more!

intimate cooking studio for small group cooking classes

Privately-owned Cooking Studio

Conducted in our very-own cosy cooking studio under the close watch of our chef, our cooking classes allow customers a more hands-on approach to learning new techniques and recipes while providing a comfortable and stress-free environment.

singapore tourism board

Your Safety, Our Priority

As a tour operator approved by the Singapore Tourism Board, we have more than 10 years of expertise in facilitating a variety of tours in Singapore.

What You Get When You Choose Our Cooking Classes in Singapore:

  • Gain a whole range of cooking skills, techniques and recipes unique to Southeast Asia.
  • Discover the country’s history and culture through an immersive culinary lens.
  • Experience the daily life of the locals with eye-opening visits to local markets.
  • Maximum hands-on fun is guaranteed in our small-group cooking classes.


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