Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Who are our Tour Guides?

Let’s Go Tour employs licensed English-speaking Local Tourist Guides certified by Singapore Tourism Board and we are proud to have a pool of quality guides who are passionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable. In our team of Tourist Guides, some have won the coveted Customer Service Excellence Award by STB or been nominated as a finalist, so you are definitely in good hands.

Not only are our guides knowledgeable and professional, they are also energetic and fun-loving, with a mixture of talents and additional certifications too. Try our tours to experience it for yourself!

What Safety Measures are being taken during this COVID-19 period?

Our tours are all conducted in line with the latest Safety Management Measures by Singapore Tourism Board.

What is the Capacity for Tours?

Capacity differs for each tour, depending on conveyance mode and type of tour. Please check with us so that we can advise you better.

Do you offer Team Building Activities?

Yes we do! Our fun team of Certified Trainers (ACTA/ACLP/DACE/DDDLP) and experienced Tour Guides have the capabilities to transform your corporate team building concepts into reality. We also have the expertise to conduct activities that are within Safe Management Measures. Check out more details here.

Booking FAQ

Can I book for One Person?

No problem! A solo guest may book a tour with an extra 50% ‘Private fee’ to confirm the tour. If there is no one else on the same tour, the solo guest gets a private tour! If there are other guests on the same tour, please email us after the tour for a refund of the additional 50% fee.

What if I want a Private or Customised Tour?

If you prefer a private tour with your family/friends, we are most happy to plan an itinerary to accommodate your needs. We have the capabilities to organise customised tours for corporate and educational groups as well. Please contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

How do I make a Booking?

You can easily make a booking through this website for the best rates. All tour prices are quoted in SGD Singapore Dollars and we accept all major credit cards.

Please Do NOT walk in. There are times when the shop may be empty because we are out on tours or meetings.

What happens After I have Booked?

You will receive an automated acknowledgement email immediately. We will then check our tour schedule and you should receive our reply within 24 hours. Do check your Junk/Spam folder as our mails may land over there. If you did not receive anything from us 5 days prior to your tour booking, please contact us.

What is your Cancellation policy like?

Cancellation Policy (via Credit Card):

  • Cancellations 48 hours prior to the tour will be refunded 100%.
  • Cancellations 24 hours prior to the tour will be refunded 50%
  • No cancellations or refunds for less than 24 hours to tour.

There is strictly no refund:

  • If you arrive late and the group has departed
  • If you did not turn up

Tour FAQ

What if it Rains?

All tours will still proceed during light rain conditions. As Singapore’s weather can be unpredictable, please bring a poncho or umbrella, and come in suitable footwear.

Cooking Tours: The walking tour section tours may be shortened if it is raining heavily. Our tour guide may choose to share information in a sheltered area and transportation will be arranged to take participants back to our cooking studio, which is located at Crawford Lane. Decisions will be made based on the consensus of all participants on that day.

Boat Tours: The tour will continue to be conducted when there is light rain. In the event of a thunderstorm, an alternative date will be provided for rescheduling. Please expect to get a little wet by the sea spray.

Bicycle Tours: Please turn up regardless of the weather. We will continue cycling in light rain (it’s very nice actually) but will pause for shelter if visibility or safety is compromised. In this case your Tour Guide will bring you to a safe place to rest and wait for the rain to subside (usually 30-45 minutes). Ponchos are available upon request.

In the rare event that the ride cannot even start due to prolonged rain (over 45 minutes), we will refund 50% of tour fee or offer an alternative date. Please note that cancellations/refunds are decided by us.

Walking Tours & Theatrical Tours: A reschedule date will be provided in the event of a thunderstorm 30 mins before the tour, by discretion of the guide on site. Some of the itineraries can be conducted under light rain, despite the different experience, our guides are trained for wet weather alternatives, which can be equally as fun and engaging too.

We also seek your understanding that our guides will be confirmed per tour basis therefore no cancellation is possible, but we will honour rescheduling of tour.

I have Specific Dietary Requirements. Is that ok?

The menu on our Cooking Tours cannot be changed, and it also depends on the availability of ingredients and our chef’s discretion. But, we can try to adjust it to your requirements the best way possible. Any special arrangements will not result in any forms of partial or full refund of the tour. Please inform us on your dietary requirements before you book the tour, if needed, to avoid complications.

Are your tours Suitable for the Elderly?

Should there be mobility restrictions, please contact us so that we can advise on a case to case basis. Most of our tours can be done by participants of all ages.

However, due to the nature of Walking Tours, you are expected to be able to walk for a duration of 2 hours (with short rest breaks) that may cover a maximum total distance of 2.2 km. Some itineraries may also have rocky terrains or uneven grounds. Walking sticks are encouraged but wheelchairs are discouraged as there may be maneuvering issues. Please contact us for assistance on this matter.

For Boating Tours, it is suitable for the elderly so long as the guest is able to get up and down the boat with some assistance.

Can I bring my Babies or Young Kids? Do I have to Pay for them to join?

For Tours with capacity on conveyance (Van / Boat), we charge participants per head, as it will be considered as “one spot”. For other tours, participants aged 5 years old to 12 years old require a child ticket each and any participants younger than 5 years old do not require an additional ticket. However, participants are expected to contact us to inform us on this when you make the booking.

What do I need to Bring or Wear?

In our hot & humid weather, we recommend you to come in light breathable clothing, comfortable shoes and sunglasses/hat (if needed). Please also bring along a poncho or an umbrella, and sunblock. The weather in Singapore can be quite unpredictable at times.

For our Bike Tours, bicycles will be provided by Let’s Go Tour, and it would be a similar model as Decathlon’s “BTwin”. You may also bring your own bicycles. Loan of helmets are not compulsory but complimentary should you require from us. Bicycle gears such as night lights will be provided if the itinerary requires. Personal gears such as wraps, guards, and gloves will not be provided nor will they be available to rent.

For Boat Tours, it is advisable to wear sandals or slippers as footwear is required to be remove on board the boat. It will be advisable to wear quick dry clothing or a windbreaker as some water spray may be experienced depending on the wind conditions.

Are there any Safety Regulations in place?

Safety is our Number 1 priority. We will not allow any participant who is a safety concern, to go on the tour. These include (but not limited to):

  • Inability to ride our bicycle (for Bicycle Tours)
  • Incompetence to handle sharp culinary tools (for Cooking Tours)
  • Under the influence of alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • Disruptive behaviour that prevents others from enjoying the tour