Bored of the usual tourist traps? Seeking a fresh way to explore Singapore with your significant other?

Look no further than Let’s Go Tour’s cooking classes in Singapore.

Offering a delightful deviation from typical sightseeing tours, these classes invite you and your significant other into a world of hands-on fun steeped in learning.

Imagine swapping the usual cityscape for a cosy cooking studio, stirring up a memorable culinary journey with your partner.


More than just a Cooking Class

spend quality time with loved ones

These unique experiences invite you to immerse yourselves in the vibrancy of Singapore’s rich food culture.

Your adventure begins with a journey to local markets, hand-picking fresh ingredients for the delicious dishes you’re about to create.

It’s not your everyday grocery run; it’s quality time spent discovering the local food scene.

You’ll also get to whip up traditional Singaporean food while learning about its cultural significance and history.


The Benefits of Choosing Cooking Classes as Your Date Activity in Singapore

super fun food making workshop

Get ready to throw on your aprons and treat your taste buds to an unforgettable adventure!

When it comes to unique date ideas, cooking classes for couples are totally redefining what an amazing date looks like.

Let’s dig into why these culinary classes in Singapore should be at the top of every couple’s to-do list.


Quality Time and Fun Learning

get your hands dirty

 It’s all about spending meaningful time together. These classes aren’t just fun activities – they’re opportunities for bonding.

 Working hand in hand to pick up some nifty culinary techniques in the cooking workshop, you and your partner learn the art of Singaporean cuisine while nurturing your creativity and making beautiful memories.


Cultural Immersion


Cooking classes offer a deeper understanding of Singapore’s diverse food culture, adding cultural depth to your couple travel experience.

As you learn to cook Singaporean dishes and traditional sweet treats, you’ll experience the traditions and practices that have shaped the nation.

It’s an opportunity to taste, smell, and touch the essence of Singaporean life, fostering a connection that goes beyond the surface-level tourist experience.


Skill Acquisition

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From basic culinary techniques to cooking hacks, you’ll walk away with new, useful skills, opening the door to endless possibilities of what you can create.

These classes are a great investment for your personal development, adding practical skills to your repertoire that you can use even after your trip.

Plus, who knows, you may uncover a passion you may not even know you had!


Interactive Experience


Each class provides a hands-on experience, transforming your couple’s vacation activity into a dynamic, interactive adventure.

You’re not just passive spectators; you’re active participants in every step of the process.

This involvement results in a more meaningful and fulfilling experience where you and your partner can truly engage with each other and the activity.


Comfortable Environment

friends great bonding activity with a special someone

Each culinary class is conducted in our comfortable, stress-free cooking studio, ensuring a positive experience.

Our friendly and knowledgeable chefs are also experienced in conducting classes for tourists. So, rest assured that we will prioritise your comfort and foster a safe, welcoming environment.

No matter what cooking class you choose, you can expect a warm ambience that fosters creativity and camaraderie.


Versatile Options

visit a local wet market with a local tour guide

With a variety of cooking classes available, you can find something that both you and your partner will look forward to.

Here are two popular cooking classes:

  • Market-to-Table Culinary Experience: A 3-4 hour class where participants visit a local wet market to buy some ingredients, then learn to cook dishes such as Laksa, Chicken Rice, Hokkien Prawn Noodles, Kueh Dadar and more (menu changes seasonally).
  • Flavours of Singapore Cooking Class: A 2-hour class that offers lessons on local favourites, including dessert.

enjoy a meal that you cooked from scratch

Additionally, we also have three culture-specific culinary experiences that combine cooking and walking:

  • Discover Hainan: A 3-hour tour on Hainanese culture, history, and food.
  • Discover Hokkien: A 3-hour tour that highlights Hokkien culture and cuisine.
  • Discover Thailand: A 3-hour tour on Thai cuisine that features shopping in an authentic Thai supermarket.


Stir Things Up and Whip up Memories by Diving Into a Culinary Adventure

cooking classes suitable for everyone

Regardless of your cooking experience, there’s no need to worry!

Our seasoned chefs, who are also licensed tour guides, are there to guide you from chopping to plating, ensuring these cooking classes cater to beginners and foodie veterans alike.

So, for your upcoming visit to Singapore, why not consider stepping into our culinary world and creating a memorable gastronomic journey for date night?

Ready for this culinary adventure?

Don’t wait – book your Cooking Tour in Singapore now and embark on a delicious adventure!