Discover Singapore through Bike, Walking, and Nature Tours

In today’s age of climate change, environmental sustainability is not just a catchphrase – it’s a necessity.

We must all contribute to achieving clear targets for sustainability, and the tourism industry is no exception.

The Singapore Tourism Board, together with the local community and businesses, are championing this cause by promoting ecotourism in Singapore.

Here’s how you can help Mother Nature while enjoying yourselves on your next vacation to Singapore!


Embracing Ecotourism

Ecotourism, or sustainable tourism, is a much more responsible alternative to conventional forms of tourism.

It allows visitors to explore and enjoy the world’s attractions while causing minimal disturbance to the natural environment and wildlife. This is because such efforts reduce our carbon footprint.

In addition, it contributes to the local community’s development by encouraging cultural understanding and supporting the local economy.

As a result, ecotourism experiences are not only enjoyable for travellers; they’re beneficial for the local community and the environment as well.

For those who want to contribute to sustainable travel initiatives, here are three distinct, eco-friendly tour offerings – bike tours, walking tours, and nature tours.

Each of these tours provides travellers with a unique way to explore Singapore, contributing to the green economy and supporting the Singapore Green Plan.


Bike Tours in Singapore: Pedal Towards Sustainable Tourism

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Bike tours in Singapore are a sustainable tourism option that allows exploration of the city’s landmarks and neighbourhoods while reducing environmental impact.

These tours offer a fun, eco-friendly alternative to traditional transport while taking you around the city’s must-see attractions.

So grab a helmet, mount a bike, and get ready for an unforgettable journey through Singapore.


For the History Enthusiasts

Visit Singapore

Want to discover Singapore’s culture, landmarks, and modern architecture?

Then, the “Historical Singapore Bike Tour” and “Trails of Tan Ah Huat” tours are perfect for you!

The former takes you through Singapore’s history as you cycle by the Singapore River, delve into the city’s World War II history and appreciate its vibrant business district.

Meanwhile, enjoy local cuisine, engage with diverse communities, and step back into 1920s Singapore on the unique and immersive Trails of Tan Ah Huat bike tour.


For the Urban Explorers

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If you want to explore more of the city, opt for the “Marina Bay Night Tour” and “Bike & Bites Food Tour“.

Beat the heat with our night bicycle tour and experience cycling along the lively riverfront promenade, past iconic landmarks like the Singapore Flyer.

Then, enjoy the beautiful city nightscape and look out for the signature night light show happening at Marina Bay.

With the Bike & Bites Tour, you’ll explore vibrant districts like Chinatown, Kampong Gelam, and Little India, tasting diverse local foods and discovering historical and cultural insights.


Walking Tours in Singapore: Step Into Sustainability and Cultural Discovery


Walking tours are a splendid option for those who want to explore Singapore at a leisurely pace while participating in cultural immersion, interaction, and sustainability.

By travelling on foot, tourists can appreciate the intricate details of the city, engage with locals, and contribute to reduced carbon emissions.

From delving into Singapore’s historical landmarks and tasting local delicacies to embracing tranquillity in nature reserves, walking tours offer a wide variety of experiences.

Ideal for history buffs, foodies, and nature enthusiasts, these tours combine fitness, discovery, and a deeper understanding of Singapore’s diverse community.

We have a variety of guided walking and food tours – so take your pick! You’ll be sure to find something that suits your tastes.


Nature Tours in Singapore: Journey into Biodiversity and Sustainable Exploration

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Nature tours in Singapore are designed for those tourists who are passionate about wildlife, biodiversity, and ecological conservation.

They are ideal for adventure-seekers, nature lovers, and anyone keen to learn about Singapore’s unique ecosystems and conservation efforts.


For Wildlife Lovers

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Chek Jawa Boardwalk Nature Tour” is ideal for tourists interested in wildlife, biodiversity, and coastal ecosystems.

The tour offers educational insights about local wildlife and conservation, making it great for families with children. It’s also a great option for bird watchers looking to catch a glimpse of wildlife outside of their home countries.


For Cultural and Biodiversity Enthusiasts


Pulau Ubin Tour” is suited for tourists looking to explore the island’s traditional lifestyles, sensory experiences, and a variety of plant life.

It offers a unique cultural and botanical journey, appealing to those interested in history and native flora.

Besides offering a refreshing perspective on Singapore, these nature tours contributes to sustainable tourism, promotes eco-friendly conservation efforts, allows immersion in Singapore’s natural beauty, and raises awareness about biodiversity and conservation.


Do your part to support local conservation efforts and environmental sustainability!

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While each tour has its own unique appeal, they all share a common goal – to promote environmental sustainability.

Through these sustainable travel options, you can explore the many charms of Singapore while reducing your impact on the environment.


A Shared Journey Towards a Greener World.

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By choosing eco-friendly tours, you are not only experiencing the best of what Singapore has to offer but also contributing to its sustainable development.

So, why not hop on a bike, lace up your walking shoes, or head into nature for a guided tour of Singapore’s most amazing sights? Let’s work together towards a sustainable future for Singapore and our world.

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